Great Intro: Richard Branfield of Fresh Tilled Soil

Thanks to the kind introduction of Michael Vann, today I had the pleasure of meeting Richard Branfield of Fresh Tilled Soil and Webomatic.

Take aways:

  • Serial entrepreneur who’s first one launched in his native South Africa about ten years ago.  These days he is in Boston.
  • MIT Venture Mentor Service – Richard is involved with that program, and kindly shared feedback for the venture mentor service EI is launching in February: The importance of offering enough structure for people to know what to do but not so much that it presumes there is one right way for mentoring to be done; The importance of creating visibility for mentors, rewarding them for their involvement.
  • Fresh Tilled Soil – Essentially an outsourced, high-quality, high-credibility design firm.  They not only bring a design team, but essentially provide an outsourced VP of Product Design to help your company’s team.
  • Webomatic – A cleverly positioned play in the web design space.  They leveraged extensive industry expertise to build high-powered tools that allow a handful of top designers to crank out quality, fairly simple websites in a tiny fraction of the time (and cost) it usually takes.

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