Inkling helps me explore crowdsourcing in WD

My thanks to Adam Siegel of InklingMarkets for kindly sharing some excellent feedback on WD today.  Firstly I was very happy to hear that Inkling is making some very exciting progress with some high-credibility customers!

Our chat centered on how to best use crowdsourcing both for the “big picture” and for the early prototype launching in Q1.  Major take-aways:

  • Don’t make entrepreneurs re-enter all their info, leverage CrunchBase.  Then allow entrepreneurs to “claim their page.”
  • Prediction Markets are pretty complex things and are not the right solution in all places.  WD will need to use a variety of different crowdsourcing solutions and provide different level of interaction for casual vs hard-core users.
  • Yes, when it comes time to build an el-cheapo prototype, I can use their cloud-based solution and embed it right into a Wiki.  The wiki gives a uniform place for mentors in EI’s new venture mentor service to find all info on the companies being helped, and the InklingWidget allows the investors to participate in a variety of crowdsourcing activities without needing to leave the wiki.

Thanks Adam!

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