SimplyBooked, an interesting solution

I just met with Brendan Brown RE a startup he is assisting: SimplyBooked.  They have an outsourced bookkeeping/accounting solution that appears to be offering a higher quality product at a lower cost than using your typical local mom&pop shop.  I LOVE technology!

They are looking hard at the startup market, and I agree their solution may be a good fit for young companies.  The ability to offer financial transparency to INVESTORS is a delightful feature that makes them of potential interest for angel groups.

3 thoughts on “SimplyBooked, an interesting solution

  1. Now that’s interesting. Normally I always advise startups to go local, as an experienced accountant can be a great source of knowledge and leads. But it’s an interesting thought to be able to flip it on its head, give up a little networking in return for a quick and easy window on financials. Let me know if you ever use these guys for one of your portfolio companies.

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