Crowdsourcing angel investing – a real experiment

I am happy to announce that my firm, AngelCatalyst,  is helping run the Angel Capital Association‘s (ACA) new competition.  Called the Silvertip Awards, this competition recognizes the nation’s top angel-backed companies.  The entire competition’s design centers around my crowdsourcing design.  This makes this competition a large-scale test of how best to apply crowdsourcing concept to angel investing.  We have secured a number of excellent partners: HP and PwC are sponsoring prizes.  BabsonBentleyBUMIT, UMass, and many other New England Universities have partnered to create a win-win experience for students to substantively aid in the judging.  InklingMarkets, an exciting startup in the crowdsourcing space, is providing their technology to power the competition.  The whole thing is held together thanks to the amazing relationship building that Natalie Sweeney of StraightLine has put in place.

I am delighted, and honored, to be a part of such an exiting attempt to dramatically improve angel investing.

2 thoughts on “Crowdsourcing angel investing – a real experiment

    1. REALLY short version:
      50+ MBA students use the platform to debate with each other, the companies’ management, and angel investors on the merits of each applicant over the course of two weeks.

      Short version:

      ACA has created a collaborative platform built around an innovative crowdsouring technology (powered by InklingMarkets). This platform allows students to interact with one another, competition contestants, angel investors, and strategic investors such as HP and PwC. The platform’s crowdsourcing technology allows contestants’ scores to change in real time as new information and analysis is revealed.

      Your task is to begin your own due diligence exploration of a handful of the most interesting (to you) contestants. You will be posed with three core questions for each company and asked to generate your best initial predictions. No sooner will you post your initial answers then you will see your peers debate the relative merits of their own answers and research. Students won’t be alone. The company’s management team and angel investors will be invited to participate.

      You’ll have two weeks to participate in this dialog and fine-tune your answers to the core questions. At the end of those two weeks, the answers of all participants will be used to determine which companies proceed on to the next round. In other words: you are the first round judges for this competition.

      Long version

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