Exciting Opportunity for Angel-Backed Companies

Below is the official notification of the Silvertip Awards opportunity for angel-backed companies that AngelCatalyst is helping run:

The Angel Capital Association, in partnership with HP and PricewaterhouseCoopers, is launching a new kind of competition that brings North America’s top angel-backed companies and their supporting angel groups into direct contact with potential acquirers and strategic partners.

The competition is called the ACA Silvertip Awards. Three winning companies will be invited to speak and be recognized at the 2011 ACA Summit, April 4 – 6 in Boston. During the awards ceremony on April 5th, winning CEOs will speak to more than 400 leading angel investors from throughout the world and top corporate leaders, and the nominating angel groups will also speak. The winners will also receive great prizes like an HP technology makeover, three months of financial mentoring from PwC, and national media stories. ACA will comp one ticket per winning company to attend the Summit.

The awards have a simple nomination process that doesn’t take much time:

Nominations and applications are due by March 4th. We look forward to getting lots of your companies involved!

Marianne Hudson
Executive Director, ACA

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