MBA students – get real contact with startups and angels

The ACA Silvertip Awards is doing something very interesting: crowdsourcing the competition applicants with MBA students from top colleges.  Some info from their FOR STUDENTS page…

Competition Mission

The Angel Capital Association (ACA)’s Silvertip Awards recognize North America’s most promising angel-backed companies.  Through an innovative design that brings angel & strategic investors, entrepreneurs, and MBA students together in a collaborative environment.  The collaboration facilitates exciting new connections to form between participants while simultaneously revealing which companies are most deserving of recognition.

The Opportunity

To harness the collective domain expertise of highly skilled students to provide more bandwidth to fairly evaluate contestants.  This offers students a win-win opportunity through a) hands’-on experience evaluating real startups and b) the opportunity to meaningfully interact with angel investors, strategic investors, and exciting startup CEOs.

We do this by providing:

  • A collaborative online platform employing crowdsourcing technologies that aggregate your analysis while putting you in direct contact with contestants, angel investors, and strategic investors.
  • An in-person networking event for all participants, providing an opportunity to deepen relationships started via the online platform.
  • Additional high-level access opportunities for a handful of students who prove their abilities.

Full details at: ACA Silvertip Awards: Full details for students.

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