Silvertip Winners, Awards Ceremony, Exceeded All Expectations!

Last week I had the honor of MC’ing the awards ceremony for the 1st annual Angel Capital Association Silvertip Awards.  Three amazing companies won:

  • Luis Villalobos Award (the most brilliant idea) went to Quantum Dental, makers of the Canary System.  Their technology can detect tooth decay far earlier than traditional methods, and do so without using radiation.  In fact, all they use is light!
  • HP Startup Central Award (the most disruptive innovation) went to INRange Systems, makers of EMMA.  Their device is a smart pill box that keeps track of all of your medication, gives you the right pill at the right times, and warns doctors if a new prescription has (known) dangerous side effects when combined with your existing meds.
  • PwC Entrepreneurship Award (most projected revenue growth) went to HarQen.  They capture voice communications, index them, make them searchable in both text AND audio formats.  Seems simple at first, but they could have a profound impact.

Frank Peters, host of the premier angel investing podcast, took some wonderful pictures.

The goal of the competition was to inspire interaction and connections between top angel-backed companies and world industry giants.  I am happy to report that HP will form relationships with the award winner and several of the other finalists.  What an amazing outcome!  The concept of the Silvertip Awards only came into being about six months ago.  What amazing results in such a short time.  Congratulations to the Angel Capital Association, and to Natalie Sweeney of StrightLine, for designing and executing such an ambitious project in so short a time.  I was delighted to be a part of this adventure!

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