Angel Syndication: Introduction

Last year I learned that my portion of the country, Greater New England, is on the cutting edge of best practices for syndicating angel deals.  At the recent Angel Capital Association summit I had the joy of leading a roundtable discussion on best practices in syndication.  Many of those present asked for access to some of the lessons and tools developed in New England.

I and the other leaders of angel groups in Greater New England are all co-discoverers of these practices.  While I played a role in the region’s exploration of this process, my contribution was more to organize the excellent experience and resources of my more-experienced fellow group leaders.

This is the first post in a series meant to share those lessons and tools for syndicating angel deals.  Other angels with syndication experience are invited to share their own experiences here via comment.  If sufficient interest develops we will condense all the blog posts and comments into a single document.

I’ll close this post with some links to existing resources on angel syndication:

  • ACA Syndication Webinar Series
  • The Definitive Guide to Herding Cats – Podcast interview with the CEO, angels, and group manager (me) behind syndicating what was at that time the largest angel-led deal in New England history: Incentive Targeting.
  • Angel Treaty – Angels love to use big words to describe what we do.  Summits instead of conferences.  This Treaty is simply a templated legal agreement that boils down to “I won’t sue you if I decide I don’t like the due diligence you are sharing.”  That said, it has proven ESSENTIAL to syndicating deals.  Groups that have gone without have regretted it.

More to come…

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