The Human Factors » Entrepreneurs: the Investors’ Customer

James Geshwiler and his Common Angels has been a role model for  me and my angel group.  One of the core ideas I have heard him say loudly for years, and believe in strongly, is that “The customers of angel groups are the entrepreneurs.”  He explained this idea in a blog post…

“Entrepreneurs are the investors’ customers. Not every entrepreneur–only a few, according to industry statistics, generate most of the returns–but those few that the investors want to back. Investors’ processes need to serve these customers from how communications are handled, to an efficient and effective diligence process, to how value is created in the long run. In the end, the cash flows are supposed to reverse, with the successful entrepreneurial venture paying back many fold the cash that was provided early on. Then, the customer relationship is clear.”

Full post is here:  The Human Factors » Entrepreneurs: the Investors’ Customer.

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