Angel Syndication: Regional summit template

A centerpiece of Greater New England’s success in syndication is our thrice-yearly Syndication Summits.  The events attract angels from most of the groups in the region and have a simple structure:

  1. Networking
  2. Kickoff speaker (20 min)
  3. Presentations (1o min each, with 1 min intros by sponsoring angel group) from 2-3 deals sponsored by at least one angel group and that ideally have negotiated term sheets in place.
  4. Breakout sessions (45 min ) – Each presenter gets a room.  Angels pick a room and Q&A with the company and its sponsoring  angel group(s).
  5. Lunch, w/ speaker (30 minutes)
  6. Presentations from 2-3 more deals (10 & 1 per deal)
  7. Breakout sessions (45 minutes)
  8. Adjourn main meeting
  9. Angel group leaders meet in person to do a quick postmortem, set priorities for next summit, and discuss matters of regional importance.
The presenters must go through a selection process similar what we all do within our groups.  Angel groups nominate deals for the summit.  A volunteer screening committee evaluates the nominees and selects the best to present.  We use AngelSoft to standardize the process.
Anyone interested in logistical specifics, let me know.

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