UMass EI Alumni teams make finals of MassChallenge

Congratulations to Therapeutic Systems and Localocracy, both alumni of the UMass Amherst Entrepreneurship Initiative for making the finals round of MassChallenge and earning slots in their accelerator program. I am one proud former teacher! 🙂

Therapeutic Systems pitch: 1 in every 91 children born in the United States is diagnosed with autism. Our product, based on university research, provides a sensory intervention called deep pressure to patients anytime, anywhere. For many on the autism spectrum deep pressure can improve behavior and anxiety allowing a person to participate in life more fully. We have recently tested and soft-launched our first product with positive feedback; our goal is to develop the insurance reimbursement market and expand access.

Localocracy pitch: Local Issues matter, but most people don’t have time to spend hours in public meetings. Local governments want better ways to engage a larger portion of citizens, especially in times of tight budgets and cutbacks. Localocracy licenses local discussion and Q&A software to news organizations (such as and local governments. We confirm that users live in the community and are posting with real names and keep citizens in the loop with email updates on the topics they care about.

Mass Challenge blog announcement:

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