Podcast review: Solving problems…

Just enjoyed listening to these two podcasts from Standford’s eCorner:

These two podcasts share an emphasis on the importance of viewing entrepreneurship as providing value to the customer, and not about making money. In the first podcast we learn about Cheg. Cheg is the first company to get large scale success allowing college students to rent their books, decreasing book costs by >50%. The cost of books is 25-30% of the cost of college so this is no small savings. And as you listen to the CEO pitch the company (which he did not found), his passion is evident. He wants to solve the pain. And the pain is real.

In the second podcast we learn about Align Technology, makers of invisible, dramatically more wearable, less constraining braces. If you know anyone who has worn braces, you know how incredibly inconvenient and socially awkward they can be for a child. So bad that many children do not wear their braces properly – creating long term harm to their teeth. This company has created a technologically amazing solution, and are completely dedicated to their mission.

I hope you find them as enjoyable as I did.

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