Angel groups need “levels”

As a former video game designer I know I’m biased… but I think angel groups need "levels." Humans love to strive. Hitting the top of our game is emotionally satisfying… for a brief time. Then we want more.

Right now once you join an angel group, that’s it. There is only one "level" of membership. Oh, my group has an executive committee, but that isn’t something people strive for – it is seen as an administrative chore that people should do to help the group.

If you look at many other long-lasting organizations, they often have multiple levels of membership and exclusivity. Getting into Harvard is pretty hard. Once you get in, isn’t that enough? No. Harvard students strive to get admission into exclusive, secretive clubs. Once in those clubs, I am wiling to bet that new members are treated differently than existing members. I am also willing to bet that members strive for leadership positions within those organizations because of the glory and experience they accrue by doing so. The same is basically true of fraternities, of the Masons, heck – of corporations.

I am exploring ways to create "levels" in my angel group. Some might be roughly experience/time based… maybe borrow the "freshman, sophomore, junior, senior" structure of college? Some might be accomplishment based… maybe members can earn recognition for finding a deal, helping with one, leading due diligence, etc. If anyone else is exploring ideas like this, I would love to chat.

3 thoughts on “Angel groups need “levels”

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