What behaviors should angel groups encourage?

As I am preparing for a strategic planning meeting for my angel group, I am thinking about what a successful angel group needs. Specifically, what actions do we need our members to execute, in order for us to achieve our mission of helping entrepreneurs succeed brilliantly?

Here is a quick brainstorm:

  • Recruit great new members
  • Lead due diligence efforts
  • Bring in great deals
  • Help evaluate new deals
  • Help due diligence teams
  • Mentor new members

The vast majority of angel groups, make no major efforts to incentivize or reward these actions. Yet without them we are dead in the water. Yikes!

My group has just started making some changes. I am making sure that when deals get done, we announce it loud and clear to our network. This establishes our credibility to the wider community. I ALSO go out of my way to draw attention (duly deserved!) to the deal lead who made it all happen. THANKING them is the LEAST I can do. In the coming months I, and my group, will learn how we can do more.

One thought on “What behaviors should angel groups encourage?

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