Open Square, an interesting space in Holyoke

Some of the space at Open Square

I just had a pleasant meeting with the good people from Open Square

Open Square is zero net energy mixed-use urban community of businesses in the heart of Holyoke‘s Innovation District. Open Square allows you to green your business practices in beautifully designed, attractively priced commercial office and retail space, weddings and corporate events, photo and video shoots, artisan/artist studios, retail shops, light manufacturing, warehouse/storage needs, as well as future residential live/work lofts.

They are trying to find a way to fit into the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Western MA. Bravo! If they can make money at it, candidly, I don’t know yet. But I applaud their efforts and hope some of their differentiators will prove of great interest to the community.

One thought on “Open Square, an interesting space in Holyoke

  1. William Wilson

    Hi Paul,

    Hope all is well. Nice post about Open Space, looks like it could work, expecially if they include a coworking component to the mix. Might even do better than what Jeff Taylor is doing in Boston. As far as the ROI, Open Space not a venture cap play, more of a real estate cash flow play, but could be fun if it is a community investment.


    Bill Wilson
    UWW Funding Sustainable Enterprises Alumni

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