21 tips for getting angel $$ by Ty Danco & OnStartups

Ty Danco, an angel investor I had the pleasure of working with on a 9-angel syndication deal, just co-authord a great article on securing funding from angels with Dharmesh Shah of OnStartups.

Here is the list in short form…

  • The Fundamentals Still Apply As Time Goes By
  • There’s a great primer already
  • Talk to People Who Have Had Success
  • Get a champion first
  • Don’t wait too late in your rounds fund raise before you apply
  • Before launching on AL, mentally assemble your dream team of investors
  • Research the network, and target your angels
  • Get Personalized Intros
  • Spend a few calories (and maybe dollars) a good name
  • A video is worth 1,000 slides
  • Get your website right first
  • Remember Inbound Marketing, baby!
  • Advisors are huge
  • Clearly list your price
  • Use a standard termsheet
  • Be ready to pitch on short notice via videoconferencing
  • Think one round ahead
  • Use the AngelList team
  • Know how investors will use AngelList
  • Get your backers to register on AL
  • Don’t game the system
  • The best thing you can do is get traction

Get all the great details from the full post here.

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