Want to raise $$ from angels?

Looking to raise money from angels? Bill Payne, a veteran serial entrepreneur, long-time angel investor, and international catalyst of startup activity, published The Definitive Guide To Raising Money From Angels. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bill on the board of of the Angel Capital Association and can attest to his deep knowledge and pleasant, Southern California style :). You may want to check it out.

2 thoughts on “Want to raise $$ from angels?

  1. William


    We are looking to do a B Round, our existing Angels can do $3M, but we need more. Should we syndicate with other Angel groups, or go VC? We are sort of in between here, aren’t we?

    – Wm Glover

    1. William, the safe answer is “it depends.” But I know you know that, and I always HATE those kind of answers. So…

      First off, it is AMAZING your exiting angels can get you to $3 million! That is exceedingly rare.

      Second, if you are in a region with vibrant angel syndication, ask your lead investors to reach out to other angel group leaders and test the waters for a syndication. The largest angel deal I heard of was about $4.5 million in the US South West.If you only need $1-2 million more, it is probably in the realm of possibility. If you need a lot more than that, then generally angels can’t do it.

      Does that help?

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