Interview with Valley Venture Mentors co-founder Scott Foster

I am delighted to report that Valley Venture Mentors, a nonprofit I co-founded to help mentor pre-seed stage entrepreneurs in Western Massachusetts, gained some local press attention… Interview with my fellow co-founder Scott Foster

Q: Why do you see so much potential for this program in Springfield?

A: I’ve worked in Springfield for 14 years, and this city is the urban hub of western Massachusetts. We have mentors from Connecticut, from Boston, and from Franklin County, but we deliberately host our meetings in Springfield. In addition to helping businesses succeed, we encourage these young people to stay in the area. There are so many college students in the area, and they don’t necessarily want to leave, but they often move to New York City and Boston because they perceive more useful connections there. We want young people to realize that this area has so much to offer including business opportunity and a strong network of support for spirited entrepreneurs and their businesses.

Full article

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