Pre-screening today (10/31)

I find that when entrepreneurs "see how the sausage is made" is helps them design their own documents and presentations to get through the gauntlet. Today I am pre-screening new deals coming into my angel group.

"[CompanyName] the only ultraviolet military camouflage. The perfect UV signature for the warfighter in any terrain, any season… We develop patented UV camouflage based upon thin-film filtering and nanoparticles. Applied in-the-field or as part of the printing process, [product] on a uniform, tent, or camouflage net defeats detection by UV sensors without altering the underlying visible or near-IR camouflage. Whether the threat is air-borne UV sensors, or inexpensive hand-held units, UVRC manages the UV signature of any military asset, in any terrain."

We have some defense people in our group AND a defense co in our portfolio (good). We have some high-tech textiles people in our group (good). Reading further documentation it is not clear if this is a concept or a real venture (bad). NO CONTACT INFORMATION IN APPLICATION’s FRONT PAGE (stupid). Time: 1 minute. Decision: Schedule 20-minute chat with CEO to learn more. Complain about lack of contact info on call 🙂

"Revenue leader in new reusable space systems with a value proposition measured in orders of magnitude by commercial clients & governments… [CompanyName] is the leader in new reusable rocket propulsion systems & vehicles. We are successful "wet leasing" the [Product], a suborbital space plane, to sovereign nations & new "spaceline" operators. [Product] is capable of flying to space 4 times/day, 6 days/week. Further, the core propulsion technology enabling this incredible feat is of keen interest to major aerospace system providers and the US Government. We also successfully sell to this customer base.

I’m a geek. This stuff is major cool to me. Some of my people will love just to check it out. But this is WAY outside our area of expertise, the region we invest in, the raise amount we feel comfortable with… Time: 1 minute. Decision: Decline, but forward on to some members who will enjoy checking it out.

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