2011 was a banner year for the River Valley Investors

2011 was a banner year for the River Valley Investors. But it didn’t start out that way! In fact, the group was looking at very unfavorable trends.

In the summer the group began a months-long process of reinventing our processes. We hit the ground running in September with our new systems and… have been delighted by the results. In those four months we generated…

  • 3 new investments, doubling our number of investments for the year and beating our prior record of 4 investments in a year.
  • Decreased due diligence time (but not quality) to 2-3 months, a 2-3x speed increase!
  • Dramatically increased the quality of fit of presenting companies, providing better value to entrepreneurs and our angels.

In the near future I’ll share some of the techniques we’ve been using. None of them are rocket science, but finding the right ones and executing them well has proven all the difference.

My thanks to all of these people for helping make these results possible:

  • My right-hand at RVI: Corey Silva
  • RVI’s chairman: John Kole
  • RVI’s active members for pitching

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