Teaching two courses this summer

I am delighted to be re-teaching these two courses this summer through UMass Amherst! Both are 100% online:

BDIC 391B: Introduction to Entrepreneurship (3 credits) – In this 3-credit course, students explore the entrepreneurial career path. Those with ideas will learn how to attract a team and turn ideas into reality. Those seeking ideas will be shown how to create and evaluate opportunities. Students will be encouraged to form real ventures – nonprofit and for profit, it doesn’t matter. By the end of the course students will have gone through an intensive, hands-on, iterative writing process culminating in a an executive summary suitable to be shown to mentors and advisors.
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UWW397E: Funding Sustainable Enterprises, AKA The Flavors of Capital (3 credits) – In this 3-credit course, students are introduced to the many different "flavors" of capital available to early stage ventures. Ventures require capital from different flavors depending on their age, growth trajectory, and mission. Each flavor’s strengths and weaknesses is described to help entrepreneurs identify the right flavor for their venture to approach and when. Students are next shown how to build the key relationships needed to help them secure the desired flavor of capital.
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Please pass the word on to any entrepreneurs you know seeking some additional education :). Thanks!

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