Describe pain of the target market, not the world…

A mistake many entrepreneur make (I know I certainly did) when describing the need/pain/opportunity is to describe big-picture problems that relate to a group of people who are NOT THE TARGET MARKET :(.


  • "Carbon emissions are damaging the environment…" – Unless the UN is hiring you to save the world…
  • "Obesity is an epidemic shortening lives, increasing healthcare costs…" – Unless you are about to become the head of a new government agency that cares about this…

It isn’t that those pains aren’t real, it is just that they aren’t RELEVANT to your venture unless there is a TARGET MARKET willing to pay you to address those issues. So instead we should all focus more on the SPECIFIC pains that matter to our target market. Here is a possible re-telling of the above two pains…

  • "Many brides-to-be are seeking to have wedding gowns that reflect their environmental values…" Now we have a specific target market and a very specific WAY we want to decrease carbon footprint.
  • "Fortune 500 companies watching their health insurance costs skyrocket due to increases in obesity and diabetes in their workforce…" Again we have a target market hinted at and a clear pain they would likely be willing to PAY to get rid of.

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