5 Great entrepreneurship events in the Valley, sign up!

Over the next few weeks there are five fantastic Entrepreneurship events going on, most actively seeking killer people like you to play vital roles. I’m helping them recruit :). To participate in an event, simply click the link next to it for details and RSVP info. Shout if you have any Qs. THANK YOU!

  1. 4/13, TEDx UMass Amherst – Theme is innovation and entrepreneurship, organized by students, buy your ticket here.
  2. 4/15, Smith Draper Business Plan Competition – This is Smith’s first ever business plan competition, funded by a Silicon Valley VC (who will be in attendance :)). The event is open to all who love entrepreneurship.
  3. 4/16, UMass EI Shark Tank – Sign up to be a (friendly) shark to help UMass student entrepreneurs prepare for the Isenberg Executive Summary Competition.
  4. 4/20, VVM & HGCF PitchCamp – Sign up to be a mentor at this pitch camp aiming to help student entrepreneurs up their game ahead of the HGCF Elevator Pitch Competition.
  5. 4/30, UMass EI, Isenberg Executive Summary CompetitionSign up to be a judge or guest for the twice yearly competition that helps UMass student entrepreneurs take their first leap into making their dreams real!

If you have already signed up for one or more of these events, my apologies for the redundant notification, but I wanted to make sure people knew about ALL the goodies available :).

Thank you very kindly for all you do to help entrepreneurs thrive in the Valley!

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