Thank you Steve Blank and NCIIA

Steve Blank, showing intense generosity, open-sourced his amazing entrepreneurship curriculum.  Then NCIIA deployed an awe-inspiring distribution platform for it.  Thanks to this generosity I had the delight of running a Lean Launchpad course at my coworking space in western Massachusetts last semester.  The results were extraordinary.

I’ve spent much of the past 10 years developing my entrepreneurship curriculum.  I was proud, damn proud of it.  After teaching Lean Launchpad for one semester, I have thrown almost all of my materials into the proverbial fire.  Steve’s curriculum is the most powerful one I’ve seen to help startups maximize their odds of success.

Thank you Steve Blank.  Thank you NCIIA.  By sharing your knowledge, you are catalyzing entrepreneurship in a way no one else has.  It is a great gift to the world, especially to us living outside the major innovation hubs.

With tremendous gratitude,
-Paul G. Silva

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