Introducing Launch413

I am excited to announce my latest venture, an alternative venture fund called Launch413.

Over the past few years I have watched many entrepreneurs graduating from concept-stage accelerators like MassChallenge and Valley Venture Mentors hit a wall when they get into the market or try to raise a seed round. They have proof of a strong business concept but the investors feel there isn’t enough “gray hair” to execute. And the investors are often right :(.

Launch413 helps fantastic entrepreneurs get the help they need (connections, experience, strategy, etc.) to climb that wall, execute, and scale.

I’ve also watched as many entrepreneurs work to build excellent businesses that are not necessarily a great fit for traditional equity financing.

Launch413 doesn’t use equity. Instead, like Indie.VC, LighterCapital , Vested For Growth, and others, we take a share of future revenue. This aligns our interests with helping the business make money. We’ve heard that is an important thing for businesses to do :).

We invest in companies within a 2 hour drive of Springfield, MA and with a connection to Western Massachusetts (having participated in our entrepreneurship ecosystem counts :)).

Learn more at

One thought on “Introducing Launch413

  1. So, Paul, making money is an important thing for a business to do …. Now I know. Thank you! I wish that someone would have mentioned that to me thirty years ago. What a concept!! Miss you! Dan Z

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