Nonprofit Accelerator Shark Tank!

Shark Tank 1 Slides - NONA 1 - LI2.png

Friday was a big day for the students in my Nonprofit Accelerator‘s Spring Cohort. They spent from 9am to 3pm practicing and refining their pitches in preparation for the Shark Tank. My thanks to Kelly Minton, Jim Stanczak, and Bill Cole for helping me with the PitchCamp portion of the day!

At 3pm, the above-pictured group of amazing business and nonprofit leaders heard the pitches and gave #LovinglyCritical feedback. They filled in detailed scorecards so the students could see exactly where they were weak and strong. Several sharks offered to provide follow-up help and advice.  What a day!

My students did a great job upping their game and have learned a great deal about what they need to do to get their ideas ready for market. I can’t wait to see how they do at the next one in July!

My thanks to our Sharks!

  1. Bill Grinnell – Angel investor, business owner
  2. Katie Zobel – Community Foundation of Western MA
  3. Mary Walachy – Davis Foundation
  4. Murdoc Khaleghi – Serial entrepreneur & angel investor
  5. Nancy Urbschat – Business owner, active nonprofit board member
  6. Philip Silva – Angel investor, social entrepreneur
  7. Randy Krotowski – Retired top-5-in-world CIO (Chief Information Officer) for a fortune 10 company.
  8. Ray Berry – Entrepreneur and former CFO of the United Way
  9. Rick Plaut – Angel investor, entrepreneur, educator
  10. Stephen Brand – Social Entrepreneur and educator
  11. And bonus Shark Sarah Carlan – Family Foundation executive

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