Launch413 invests in WoofTrax

WoofTrax Logo, a person walking a dog

I am proud to announce the latest addition to Launch413‘s portfolio: WoofTrax. Led by Doug Hexter, WoofTrax helps pet parents and their dogs stay healthy and generate donations to their favorite animal shelter… just by going for a walk and reading relevant pet-health information. WoofTrax has facilitated over 10 million walks on behalf of over 7,000 animal shelters across the country.

Some of their customer testimonials:

“I love using the app, and have actually lost 32 lbs. and 5 inches off my waist by walking my dogs and the shelter/rescue dogs. I promote you every chance I get! Thank you 😊” —Kimberly, via Facebook

“One of a kind app! As a Nonprofit Leadership and Management student, fundraising is imperative for the survival of any nonprofit organization. By creating a practical app that is user friendly fundraising can be done by anyone, and better yet, you get to hangout with your dog while you do it! The design of this app is professional and very easy to maneuver. I love how easy it is to create an account, and get started, raising money right away! The content of this app is very minimal, it tells you who you are walking with, who you are walking for, how long you have been walking, and how far you have walked. This app is very innovative. It is literally one of a kind. The app is very easy to use and navigate. There are not many functions, and everything is clearly labeled and easy to find.” —adgilles, iOS App Store review

We are excited about WoofTrax’s potential to do well by doing good and are delighted to be working with them.

For those that don’t know Launch413, we are an alternative venture fund helping startups go from launch to their first $10 million in revenue.

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