Introduction to the KISS Canvas

[This is part of a series on the KISS Canvas]

The KISS (Keep It Super Simple) Canvas (inspired by Alex Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas) is a 1-page (or 4×3 foot poster) to help you quickly document (and then test) the key hypothesis behind your business model.

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OK, let’s dive in. It looks like this…

KISS Canvas-Easy2Read

The KISS canvas tells a story in the way entrepreneurs should pitch, with the most important elements first (on the left).

  • The Customer – Who do you serve?
    • Segments – Who are all the groups of people you will serve? Buyers, users, referrers, etc.
    • Pains – What problems do they have? Which are most important?
  • Value Proposition – What do you offer?
    • Features – How will you solve your customers problems?
    • Benefits – What promises are you making to your customers?
    • Competitive Advantages – Who are your competitors and how are you better at solving your customers’ Pains?
  • Marketing & Sales – What kind of relationships will you have with customers?
    • Get – How will you find and acquire customers?
    • Keep – How will you prove you kept your promises?
    • Grow – What new promises might you make?
  • Financial
    • Value Model – What value do customers provide you in return for your product?
    • Cost Structure –  What are the costs associated with running your venture?
  • Beard of Learning – When you disprove a hypothesis, move it to the bottom. If you’re using sticky notes they will eventually form chains and completely cover the bottom of your canvas. It kind of looks like your canvas grew a beard. Each sticky in that beard represents a hypothesis the student thought was true… and found out it was not! Thus the name my students gave it, the “Beard of Learning” :).

This Canvas is by no means a complete map but I have found it is the foundation of everything else that is to follow. To get a better feel…

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