These are some of the more common topics I have the fun of speaking on for various organizations passionate about innovation:

  1. IdeaJam – teaching you how to quickly come up with and evaluate venture ideas that leverage your passions, assets, and evidence of market demand.
  2. Innovation for Nonprofits – introducing nonprofit managers to Silicon Valley’s tools for innovation.
  3. Sharks, Suits, and Thanksgiving Dinner (AKA the Flavors of capital) – debt vs equity vs friends & family…
  4. Bootstrapping Credibility – so new entrepreneurs can get people to take them seriously.
  5. Surviving Failure – stories of companies (mine and others) that have failed. The emotional toll it takes. How to get through it. How to avoid it.
  6. Customer Discovery 101 – best practices on how to find and interview potential customers to validate your business hypotheses. Fill-in-the-blank templates provided.
  7. Prototyping Fast & Cheap – how to prototype your product for <1% of the cost you probably think you need.
  8. Why, What, How – a walk-through of a few simple-to-use tools to help startup teams make smarter decisions and Get Things Done.