Silvertip deadline extended to 3/6 @ 10am

Short version: The deadline to apply to the Silvertip awards has been extended to 3/6 @ 10am.  If you have not already and wish to, you can learn more and apply via these links: For CompaniesFor Students

Official email from the Angel Capital Association:

Thank you to the many ACA angel group leaders who have encouraged portfolio companies to apply for the 2011 ACA Silvertip Awards. We have heard that a little more time would help some of the companies to complete the required Company Application. Therefore:

The deadline for your portfolio companies to complete the 15 minute ACA Silvertip Awards Company application has been extended to this Sunday, March 6 at 10:00am Eastern.

Please forward this email to your portfolio companies to let them know about the extension.

Companies may apply here.

Full details on the awards, sponsors, and the awards event at the 2011 ACA Summit are available at the ACA Web site.(

Thank you,


-Sarah Dickey, Angel Capital Association


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