RVI, Launch413, Innovation Accelerator – Growing and Thriving

For all my friends who kindly track the progress of my ventures, I have a short update :).

  • Launch413 (the post-accelerator) – We’ve invested in 13 companies in just under 3 years, expanded our team of kick-ass Venture Advisors, and are starting to see some real results from our top companies. It is still early days, but the model seems to be scaling and our ability to deliver impact is growing.
  • Innovation Accelerator (helping mature nonprofits create for-profit spinouts that help fund the parent org) – Is about to graduate our 5th cohort! Our top alumni have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in seed funding and are generating their first revenues.
  • River Valley Investors (angel investor network) – Now more than 17 years old, went through a major strategic shift (aka a pivot) at the end of last year. Since that change we’ve gone from losing members to adding four new members and invested in a two companies in the past two months.

A HUGE thank you to my co-founders: Rick Play w/ Launch413 & Kelly Minton w/ Innovation Accelerator.

And buckets of thanks to the dozens and dozens of friends and mentors who gave advice, lent a hand, or made a connection along the way. Y’all rock!

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