Gratitude for Baer Tierkel, a mentor to many, now at rest

Baer Tierkel

The world lost Baer Tierkel last week at the age of 61. About 20 years ago I was a kid running my first startup and Baer was one of the early people to join our Board of Advisors. He came to every board meeting with deep insights and deeper belly laughs. I learned a great deal from that man that proved pivotal. The company eventually failed, but not before helping thousands of blind people around the world reconnect with friends and family in ways many had not thought possible. We couldn’t have done that without Baer’s help. He went on to help every student I sent his way, and continued mentoring me on each of my ventures.

I am deeply grateful that this wonderful man shared some of his life with me and my students.

He led a generous and joyful life. May we all live so.

He passed quietly in his bed, with his family close.

Rest in peace Baer.


-Your old mentee

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