Operationalize Your Startup

About The Workshop

Startups don’t die from laziness. They die from working really hard… on the wrong things.

You’ve launched your venture… now what? The financial lives of your team depends on you. When do you raise money? From who? On what terms? Is it time to hire or keep your burn low? Should you pivot to a new market or stay the course? The pressure to make the right decisions is intense. But you don’t have to do it alone. In this workshop you’ll learn and use practical tools that will give you confidence and guide you to better decisions as you build your company. This workshop is great for entrepreneurs who have generated revenue and are ready to expand their operations!

Prework (Due Before The Session)

  1. Read this article to learn about the VIRAL framework.
  2. Create a free entrepreneur account on the Abaca website.
  3. Do an initial VIRAL assessment of your company using Abaca’s tool. When you do it, pretend you are a cynical investor who demands extensive proof before they consider any milestone complete.
  4. Write down what the lowest-scoring, incomplete milestones are for your venture. If you are willing and time allows, we’ll talk about those milestones and what it will take for you to achieve them during the workshop.
Paul G. Silva Profile Picture (headshot) 2021.JPG

Your Instructor

Originally a computational physicist who spent many long nights at a particle accelerator, since 2000 Paul inspired thousands of people to innovate, help hundreds of startups launch, overseen investments in 50+ startups and held leadership positions in the national angel investor community.

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