What do acquirers want? A place to learn #Silvertip

Natalie Sweeney of StrightLine kindly shared these words with me RE how angel-backed companies can use the Silvertip Awards to learn what corporate acquirers want.

I very often see pitches claiming how the next big idea is going to be embraced by corporate partners.  How many times have your heard the following:

  • Google will buy us.
  • Facebook is an obvious acquisition partner.
  • J&J is a natural fit for what we are doing.


However, in talking with corporate friends, I find that these large entities are typically laser-like in their focus on first, what business development opportunities there are with these small companies, and second, who is a desirable target for strategic purposes.


In working with ACA, I’m very pleased with the direction they are taking.  Specifically, I am very excited about the ACA’s Silvertip awards for a few reasons.  First, The Silvertip Awards shine a light on all of the hard work that is being done both on the entrepreneur’s side as well as ours, the investors.  These deals don’t just happen overnight.   Second, ACA is targeting corporate sponsors who really want to find the right targets.  This knowledge share benefits all three parties:  the corporate entity, investor and entrepreneur.  Finally, there is real value for the finalists across all sectors, including national recognition, technology makeovers, financial mentoring, etc.


The ACA Silvertip Awards is a perfect way to share your story with the corporate partners who are looking for you.

Send your Portfolio company CEOs to the competition website so they can learn more and fill out an application:

You can send in a letter of recommendation for your portfolio company here:

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